Take me Back to Oklahoma

I live in Tulsa, and I love to wander through downtown and take pictures of the murals that have been painted on many of the buildings. There are so many different genres and subjects it’s kind of boggling. One of my favorites is the one on the side of the old Legends Saloon in the parking lot at 3rd and Greenwood. It’s definitely the Bob Wills side of Tulsa’s history. I took a pretty decent bunch of shots one evening:


You can see it’s a long, low wall. No way to get a good single picture of it. I was lucky and the parking lot was empty – but it was late evening so the whole wall was in the shadows. You might also notice that there are light posts covering up some of the mural, and not all the photos are from exactly the same angle.

My goal? I want the whole wall image in one photo without anything blocking any of the artwork. Photoshop is a wonderful tool. After cussing and discussing it for a while here’s what happened:

I cropped it a bit too. What do you think? It’s a bit long for a single print, so I broke it into three pieces for general consumption. If you like it you can have your own downtown Tulsa mural triptych!

Or pick part 1, part 2, or part 3 if you only want a portion of the wall.

The Carrolls Cleaned Up

I’ve finished fixing up the Carroll family and they look pretty sharp. I took the original photo from its faded condition and gave it a sharp, crisp black and white finish. Then i got rid of all of the fingerprints, dust, scratches, and other marks that had accumulated over time. I sharpened the face of the girl to the bottom left, and I cleaned up the places where the photo had been torn, as well. What do you think?

Now I believe I’ll give it a little color for my next post. Stay tuned!


Works in Progress

I’ve just opened this shiny new website and it comes complete with a blog! I think it would be fun to use this space to show you what I’m working on and how the projects are progressing. I’ve got a good stash of old and damaged prints to work from, and they should give me a chance to show off each kind of service I offer through the restoration shop. If you have any special requests, let me know! I can fix tears, cracks, water damage, fading, or simply remove red eye from overzealous flashes. My favorite work is colorization, so you’ll probably see quite a bit of that as we go along.

Here’s my first feature photo:

I think the first thing to do will be to adjust the color and bring it up to black and white. I could leave it sepia tone, but even then I would want to make some adjustments so that the faces aren’t quite so washed out. Oh, and I should straighten it up a little, too.

That’s better! Next task will be to clean up the edges, get rid of the tear behind the boy’s head, and do some general cleanup of spots and dust. I’ll post the results tomorrow.