Have you always wanted to trace your family history but haven’t had the time? I can do it for you!

As a professional historian I have access to several digital databases that can help me find the information you’re looking for.  I will provide you with a file that lists your ancestors’ names, dates of birth, and thumbnails of any photos I happen to find along the way. I will also write your family’s story based on information I can find and the history of the region where your family lived at the time.

I cannot promise how much information I will find in the 3 hours devoted to your file, but I will find as much as possible in the United States in the requested timeframe. I do not have access to adoption records.

All of your family information is kept strictly confidential. Once I have compiled the information I will consolidate it into a narrative that includes your family’s story as well as the wider context based on their ages and locations.

All I need from you is some information to help me get started: names of direct relatives, birth and death dates if possible, regions where your family has lived, any other detail you can think of that is unique to your family. Let me know if you would like me to focus my search on one side of the family specifically, or if there is a family mystery you would like me to concentrate on trying to solve for you.

One hour of research usually yields a simple family tree on either the maternal or paternal side depending on available records. The more time you purchase, the more information I will be able to find. A good average amount of time for a relatively extensive investigation of both sides of a family tree is 3 hours.

$20 per hour