Repair rates depend on the amount of damage the photo has sustained. Each restoration project is a little different, so these pricing guidelines are general ideas of what you could expect to pay. We will give you a specific quote based on your project before any work begins.

  • $40 – Minor repairs (dust, scratches, discoloration)
  • $60 – Significant repairs (torn images, cracks, creases, water damage)
  • $75+ – Extensive damage (parts of image missing)
  • $75+ – Colorizing black and white photos

For a quick price quote, you can take a picture of your image with your smart phone and e-mail it to us with a brief explanation of what you would like to see accomplished through the restoration. Mention any color changes you are interested in (sepia to black and white, for example). We will get back to you with a specific price quote within 24 hours.

Once the price is agreed on, you can send us a high resolution scan of the photo (300dpi). Typically a minor repair will be completed within 3 days, significant repairs within a week, and extensive damage can take up to 2 weeks. When the repairs are complete, we will e-mail you a high resolution image that is suitable for printing.

Request a quote today!