Welcome to Mele’s tales

Hi, I’m Maryanne.  Mele is a short form of a nickname I got as a teenager when my brother went to school in Hawaii.  I have always found it more personal than my “real” name, so I am using it here.

After a life time of conveying other people’s stories as a sign language interpreter, I decided I would share some of my own. I have always been fascinated with fantasy novels, especially those set on worlds so similar to and yet so different from our own. Authors from J.R.R. Tolkien to Marion Zimmer Bradley to Piers Anthony have delighted and entertained me for decades. One thing I seldom see, however, is a heroine older than child bearing age actually having an impact on their world.

This, then, will be my effort to rectify that omission.

Within these pages will be thoughts on the research I have done, snippets of past versions of this story that just didn’t seem to work, and new chapters as I construct this latter day heroic tale.

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mele with her chin on her hand
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