More trials and tribulations

So as you might guess based on this post being 11 days after the last I still do not have ownership of my house.

The good news is I get to do something called early occupancy. That means I add 25 dollars a day to the closing costs between now and closing but I can get keys this morning and start the task of cleaning up this poor place to make it live-in-able. So there is more advice for you thinking about getting a place.  If the closing is postponed, ask your realtor about early occupancy.

The bad news is that my closing is still another 5 days away.

It turns out the title company was having a time getting the title clear – so no one is kidding when they say this is a “hurry up and wait” experience. I was feeling pushed and prodded to get all of the insurance stuff rolled neatly into a bundle and sent off to the mortgage company, and then waited 15 days to close.

For those of you who experience divorce – make sure you change the deed to show that change in status before selling?  It would make your life and the life of the buyer much easier.

Oh, and there are two federal laws that may slow down your closing date as they did mine.  One states that the buyer must have three days after final disclosures on costs to change his or her mind before closing. So I got final disclosures early this week, but have to wait until after the holiday on Monday to sign off the paperwork.

The second states that loan estimates cannot be generated the same day as the closing disclosure.  So, when we finally got all of the signatures we needed from all of the people with claims to the house, we were within 24 hours of my interest rate lock-in expiring. So the loan document generated and put us off until after the weekend.

These last two are things you really have no control over.  What made me crazy about the process was the nickel and diming – not just of the closing costs that went from an estimated 4400 to 6600. We started with a closing date of August 20 – then it was pushed back to August 24, 27, 31 and finally September 4.

So my final bit of purchasing advice: set your mind on this process taking 60 days not 30 and you will sleep better than I did.

Here’s to being a homeowner (next week) and pictures to follow on the next blog.





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