ever feel like you have a tail pipe attached to you?

The title refers to a dad joke I got from -you guessed it – my dad this week. The doctor responds to the patient with the above complaint by saying “you must be exhausted!”

We are,  but mostly in a good kind of way.

We received keys through early occupancy on September 1, and signed all of the paperwork on September 4. Since then and around our work schedules, we have taken up the kitchen floor, relaid a kitchen floor, laid a dining room floor, steam cleaned 600 sq feet of carpet and refinished 700 sq feet of wood floor.

We have also had an exterminator, HVAC repair company and a gardener come to tame the wild beasts. We emptied the house of much detritus, although the garage still holds trash and treasures galore. It will have to wait until we get settled.

Hopes are high we actually will be sleeping there by this time next week, which will allow us time to clean the old place before turning in keys.

I plan to rewrite my house buying advice into a more coherent article after the dust settles; I also hope to have  pictures as soon as the renovations are complete. All of the pictures I have are too big for this post ha.

Maybe next time

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