we are In

I am surrounded by boxes, and have not set up enough lamps to see my keyboard clearly (sad to say I suck at typing by touch), and managed to pinch an index finger in the garage door.

But other than that, we are doing well.

The dog immediately found her place in the laundry room and adopted it the first day. She has also managed to work around the temporary fence we put up so we could get in and put without running her over, so we are now rethinking that plan.

The cats were pretty nervous the first week, but since then they have settled into play time and even stopped fighting over the cat boxes. Apparently having a piered foundation was more nerve wracking for them than I realized. This has a crawl space, and they are already much more settled than they ever got at our last place. Who knew?

We got the yard tamed, and the oak trees trimmed to look civilized. The neighbors have already commented on how lovely the yard looks, and all we did was cut stuff back. we look forward to watching the sun through its transit so we can choose the right place for a vegetable garden in the spring.

One of these days I will get pictures posted – but first we may change servers. This host seems to shut down a little too often for my taste – and I won’t even begin to regale you with stories about the spam I get.

Keep your chin up, and one foot stepping in front of the other. We will get through all of the upheaval together,


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