The new experiment

You know the old adage: is a woman is entitled to change her mind.

Well, I have.

I thought 2018 would be a good year to restart my story. I knew I had to rethink it; there were too many anachronisms that proved I was a 21st century woman making up a 14th century world.

I spent 2017 doing research and thought I was ready.

Then I found out I had to move. Nothing destroys my attempts at self-actualization like needing to uproot my critters and myself.

I have, however, found a house I love and made the mistake of falling for it before I owned it.  I am sweating the last few days before closing and hope nothing goes wrong.

I also hope in my next post to introduce you to my lovely new haven.

Then, after we get settled, I am going to start again.

Hope you come by and play along.