ever feel like you have a tail pipe attached to you?

The title refers to a dad joke I got from -you guessed it – my dad this week. The doctor responds to the patient with the above complaint by saying “you must be exhausted!”

We are,  but mostly in a good kind of way.

We received keys through early occupancy on September 1, and signed all of the paperwork on September 4. Since then and around our work schedules, we have taken up the kitchen floor, relaid a kitchen floor, laid a dining room floor, steam cleaned 600 sq feet of carpet and refinished 700 sq feet of wood floor.

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More trials and tribulations

So as you might guess based on this post being 11 days after the last I still do not have ownership of my house.

The good news is I get to do something called early occupancy. That means I add 25 dollars a day to the closing costs between now and closing but I can get keys this morning and start the task of cleaning up this poor place to make it live-in-able. So there is more advice for you thinking about getting a place.  If the closing is postponed, ask your realtor about early occupancy.

The bad news is that my closing is still another 5 days away.

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What I have learned about buying a house

I am certain this will be an ongoing theme – but I thought I should go ahead and share some of the items no one told me about.

First of all, have a lot of cash. I was awareI would have to pay for closing costs, but no one told me that comes out to a minimum of 10 percent of the total purchase price of the house.  Ouch. On the plus side, you can ask the seller to take on some of the closing costs, but only about 1/4 to 1/3 so don’t get your hopes up it will save you a lot. You will have to pay an escrow company “earnest money” to prove you are serious about the purchase. My mortgage company also wanted me to make an up front payment, although I was assured both will count toward my closing.

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